Entry #1

Sort of an introduction...

2013-06-22 02:55:11 by gettfor

Well, I've been uploading videos for, um, let me see... I guess about 9 months now? So now that the pregnancy period is over, thought I might say a few words. Sorry I'm not very active in the community, I kind of see Newgrounds as one of many platforms to show these cartoons to people, and I'm really more invested in creating and improving than... I don't know, whatever else. Does that sound rude? I'm just trying to be sincere, give a bit of an explanation about why I haven't posted in 9 months and probably won't post much in the future.

Maybe you've seen some of my stuff... Usually just misses making the daily top five when I post it, and I think I might have had a video featured once for about an hour, around Christmas? Don't quote me on that. I actually thought I stood a pretty good chance with my latest one, the reviews weren't too bad... Didn't even crack the top ten for the day. Oh well, maybe my toons don't cater to the Newgrounds audience too well. I post all the same stuff up on YouTube as well, but very few people watch it there. So I guess using this site and seeing how many stars I get is a way to get some sense of feedback.

All of that sounds too depressing! I'm having a lot of fun making cartoons, I will be continuing, you will see more of them (if you choose to watch). And I really think I've been improving rapidly in such a relatively short amount of time. So, in an effort to walk a fine line between humility and self-esteem, stick with me and hopefully you'll see the rise of another great animator!

Thanks for reading!


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2013-06-22 06:54:21


Lots of great artists started as unknown people. However, they became famous once they did something great and Lady Luck took out her blindfold. So, make something great, and even if luck isn't on your side, you will surely get more well known.


2013-06-22 23:50:32

Dude, I just watched your Polly Otter cartoons today, and I gotta say- a true work of genius.


2013-06-23 18:06:12

well actually i think you're amazing, and your works are nice , somethimes in a innocent way n_n

keep trying, your works deserve more fame :/ you deserve it


2013-06-23 18:14:30

Just thought I'd drop in to say that your last video was great and you've got quite the sense of comedic timing going for you. Can't wait to see more!